Campus Ambassadors

In case you haven't heard, Cold Glory is a Startup Brand at the intersection of the Preppy, Patriotic and Collegiate Lifestyles.  Cold Glory started with 3 Simple Goals:

  • Build and engage a Community with a “Life is Short, so Live and Let Live”  mentality.

  • Design quality products that reflect the Best of Updated Prep, peppered with Tongue and Cheek Humor.

  • Create an Authentic voice and Fun-Loving icons that let your passion for play and drinking in the good life shine through.

Our inaugural collection of Polos, Button-downs, Graphic Tees, Belts, Hats and Ties utilizes Preppy standards, and celebrates the same love of country, sense of fraternity, and happy-go-lucky sensibility that has defined the American spirit for generations. 

If this sounds right up your alley, you may be interested in getting in on the ground floor, and joining the Cold Glory team as a Campus Ambassador.

 Click the link below to apply.  Cheers!!!