Shortest Day of the Year = Less Day Drinking

First day of winter. Shortest day of the year. This can mean only one thing for the Cold Glory Life. You’ve got less time to get in quality day drinking. I’ve scouted the interwebs to bring my top tip on how to step up your day drinking game. But hurry. We’re burning daylight!

Pre-Game Planning - Ben Robinson in his “Ultimate Guide to Day Drinking” points out the need to prep. No need to stay dry the night before but no need to bring a raging hangover into the next day. That’s a sure fire way to ruin a day of day drinking. “at some point you will have to stop drinking to cover up the rolled-over hangover(s). Have foresight and consider your painful future.” And technically it’s no longer day drinking. It’s Hangover Drinking – More on that later.

Of course you'll want to look your finest. Break-out your best Cold Glory vintage tee along with a beer pong belt and the finest Cold Glory head-wear. 

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Despite sharing one of two total words, "Day Drinking" is actually nothing like "Night Drinking" (also referred to by some as "drinking").

There are many unique considerations not encountered while Night Drinking. Let's say you're starting with brunch at 1pm, which means you'll be pretending to enjoy your first gross mimosa (more like a mi-gross-a, amirite?!?! No, iamnotrite.) by 1:15pm. Now is the time to start thinking about the future. If you put yourself on the proper path to really getting to know a cheesesteak at 8pm or so, you're looking good. But getting there the right way is critical.

The most important area of focus during your Day Drinking is not, in fact, the drinking; that part's fairly easy. It's the eating. Proper eating will be your buoy through the day and ensure you remain the kind of person others aren't ashamed to be seen with in public, amidst all sorts of boring sober people who will spend their afternoons shopping for infinity scarves at Coldwater Creek. Far more importantly, it will provide the foundation for a (reasonably) hangover-less next morning, allowing you to go to the gym/office/local water park all bright-tailed and bushy-eyed. The second is especially true if you are Sam Waterston.

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