Screw the R&A - It's Beer Pong Golf!

It's never too late to get that special someone (yourself?) a set of Beer Pong Golf branded with your favorite college or pro football team logo. Go Dawgs? Your call. But logo or not you'll look lit when you pair it up with a Cold Glory Beer Pong belt or coming soon the Cold Glory Beer Pong Tee. So let's raise a Natty Light to Beer Pong Golf, and a middle finger to the R&A!  

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No one asked for this, but maybe it's what the world needs.

Grab a case of Natural Light and brace yourself for "Beer Pong Golf." We've yet to see the USGA or R&A embrace it as part of a grow-the-game initiative, and if you press your ear against the board you might hear soft wails from the ghost of Bobby Jones. But golf-crazed college fraternity brothers will no doubt rejoice upon learning that this game is coming to a tailgate near you.

How's it work? To borrow a phrase from the website: "Beer Pong + Golf = Beer Pong Golf! It is that simple."

It was never going to be complicated. To play, you'll need two 48" x 24" boards, which have 10 slots cut in the shape of bowling pins (and your standard beer pong game) that each perfectly accommodate a plastic Solo cup. The setup also includes green plastic mats and hollow golf balls. Place those 12 feet from the board, divide into teams, and take turns chipping shots. When you land a ball in a cup, your opponent slugs the pilsner waiting inside. And repeat.

Who said golf isn't doing enough to reach a younger audience? The product's tagline doubles as a challenge to one of the world's top players: "Golf Spieth can't master."

Your move, Jordan.


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Thursday, September 21, 2017